The patient is in the centre.

The main goal of our work is to treat the people that need our help the best possible and to meet their expectations in our work.


We put a big emphasis on a friendly, cheerful and familiar atmosphere in our practice.

We are competitive, because our collective power and the reputation of our practice shouldn’t be surpassed by anyone. In our practice, much emphasis is placed on gentle dental treatments. Minimally invasive is our magic word, which means: 1. Perfect dental hygiene, 2. Careful preparation for white tooth filling ( 3. If there is a loss of teeth, the adjacent teeth are rarely bevelled, but are treated with minimally invasive dental implants. ( 4. Crooked teeth can be regulated by using passive self-legating brackets. ( 5. Checks twice a year are a prerequisite for healthy teeth.

For me, the modern dental treatment can be seen as a unit. Today's dentistry has become so easy. With the knowledge and today’s materials the patient doesn’t have to be afraid. There is a perfect treatment for every disease. I’m looking forward to advise you and to treat you.

What is for us a patient?

- A patient is the result of a proof of confidence from a friend or a colleague.

- For the patient, we have learned our profession.

- The patient is the most important person in the world when he has entered our practice..

- The patient isn’t dependant on us, we’re dependant on him.

- The patient doesn’t interfere with our work, he is the reason for it.

- We don’t do him a favor if we treat him – he’s doing us a favor if we can treat him.