Prevention helps protecting against tooth and gum diseases.

Caries – how can it be prevented?

Tip 1:
Brush your teeth after every meal, at least in the morning and in the evening!

Tip 2:
Eat sweets only at long intervals - preferably one or two times a week. Avoid eating sweets every single day!

Tip 3:
Drink water instead of fruit juices. If you like to drink fruit juice, dilute them. You shouldn’t drink fruit juices spread over the whole days, but maybe in two portions. All fruit juices contain sugar, the bacteria in your mouth feed well on it.

Tip 4:
Eat occasionally chewing gums; it stimulates the flow of saliva. Thus, the sweeteners in your mouth are diluted. They can’t be processed so well by the bacteria.

Tip 5:
Use regularly the prophylaxis treatment – possibly at intervals of about three months. Your teeth are cleaned all around, polished and strengthened.